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Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College is approved by the People's Government of Sichuan Province and archived by the Ministry of Education, which is a full-time higher vocational college with Hong Kong funded background and the first batch of the trial of modern apprenticeship company in Sichuan Province. Now there are more than ten thousand students. Graduates get the college certificates of unified printing and electronic registration issued by the Ministry of Education.

The college has built 8 departments and teaching units including the Department of Electronic Information, the Department of Economic Management, the Department of Social Management, the Department of Architectural Engineering, the Department of Traffic Engineering, the Department of Art Design, Department of Health Science,Internet Training + College ( Dingli Institute ), and the Institute of Continuing Education. It covers more than 40 majors and its professional directions, such as communication technology, software technology, accounting, hotel management, construction cost, car inspection and maintenance technology, social sports, urban rail transit operation and management etc.

DINGLI Institue

Dingli Institue is a national education brand established by the listed company Zhuhai Century Dingli Communication Technology Co., Ltd. which is devoted to China Vocational Education. It is a new type of secondary college jointly built and managed by the college and enterprise, which actively responds to the national production and education integration, school-enterprise cooperation development strategy and deep integration with outstanding universities in the field . The Dingli Institue of Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College is the first institution of the education brand Century Dingli-Dingli College established in China. The insitute has long been committed to the cultivation of high-skilled applied talents and innovative entrepreneurial talents in the ICT industry.

Dingli Institute now offers four top quality majors including software technology, mobile internet application technology, e-commerce technology, and internet application technology. The insitute uses the unique UBL (Super Hybrid Education) talent training mode of the Dingli Education Research Institute to lead students in project-oriented teaching through the “learning by doing” method of “learning, training, re-learning, and retraining”.

Department of Information Engineering & Digital Design

The Department of Information Engineering & Digital Design currently has 8 majors: communication technology, mobile communication technology, computer network technology (network security technology, website design), digital media application technology, cloud computing technology and applications, , big data technology and application, animation production technology, advertising design and production. We are committed to fostering high-quality talents in the field of electronic and information technology with good professional ethics, dedication and innovation, and adapting to industries related with communications, software, and internet, etc.

Department of Social Management

The Department of Social Management upholds Chengdu and faces the entire province. It cultivates highly qualified technical and skilled talents that meet the needs of modern business and urban management services. The department offers seven majors including Business English, Hotel Management, Human Resource Management, Electronic Commerce, Marketing, Business Management, and Logistics Management. It also has a special professional training place called Sichuan-Hong Business and Urban Service Development Center.

In talents training, in accordance with the “General Knowledge Curriculum vs. Hong Kong Standards, Professional Curriculum vs. Industry Standards, and Practical Teaching vs. Corporate Standards”, the department carries out the policy of using competitions to promote teaching, learning and practicing. Cooperating with with SF Logistics, Wahaha, Chengdu JW Marriott Hotel, Exhibition Tourism Group, etc. to carry out school-enterprise cooperation, The department adopts the talent training model of school-enterprise cooperation, work-study combination, and implementation of the order-oriented classes.

Department of Architecture and Design

The Department of Architecture and Design focuses on training high-quality technical and skilled personnel to meet the needs of the development of architecture, art design, decoration and landscape industries. It now offers seven popular majors with broad prospects, namely, construction engineering management, project cost, construction engineering technology, property management, architectural interior design, environmental art design and architectural decoration engineering technology.

Department of Economic Management

The Department of Economic Management is one of the earliest departments established in our college. At present, it has four majors: accounting, internet finance, investment and financial management, securities and futures. It is oriented toward the needs of the marketization of higher vocational education, and fosters high-skills accounting and financial talents.

Based on the platform resources of the Sichuan-HongKong Financial Experimental Center, the Department of Economic Management actively promotes school-enterprise cooperation, creates professional order-oriented classes, and promotes learning-practicing through “teaching-assistance-leading” (teacher-training, graduate-assistance-support, and corporate-director-led teachers) employment model. The Department of Economic Management has successively established different levels of different types of cooperation with several well-known enterprises such as Huaxi Futures, Jingdong Finance, Hongxin Securities, Sunac Finance, Century China Tax, Chengdu Yinyan, and Financial Control Company, and has jointly established with companies the “Yinyan Order Class”, “Financial Control Company Order Class”, “Century China Tax Modern Apprentice Class”, and “Sunac Modern Apprentice Class”. It truly makes it possible for schools and enterprises to collaborate in education.

Department of Transportation Engineering

The Department of Transportation Engineering complies with the needs of the rapid development of the modern comprehensive transportation system in Sichuan Province. It has established automotive, aerospace, and orbital technology service specialties. It follows the school-enterprise cooperation and the combination of work-study and talent-training modes, and cultivates high-quality technical talents through various methods such as the implementation of modern apprenticeships and order-oriented training. It has 11 professional training rooms such as a complete vehicle training room, an engine disassembly and assembly testing training room, a vehicle maintenance virtual simulation (VR) training room, an automotive body electric training room, a car beauty training room, an aviation simulation room training room, rail transit comprehensive training room and so on.It has more than 20 off-campus training bases, including automobile 4S shops, Jianghuai Automobile, Chengdu Bus Factory and other auto manufacturers, Beijing Metro (lightrail), Guangzhou High-speed Rail (EMU), Chengdu Metro, Xilin Fengteng General Aviation and other transportation companies. Through exercises such as training inside and outside school, internships, working practice etc., the Department of Transportation Engineering basically realizes that students' employment is closely linked with the company.

Department of Health Science

According to the social needs for “national sports and health” and the national development plan about the nursing career, our college has set up Department of Health Science focusing on health specialties, which includes Social Sports, Fitness Guidance and Management, Nursing and other majors. Department of Health Sciences trains high-quality technical and skilled talents for the development needs of sports, fitness, health care and other industries in Sichuan and Southwest China. Department of Health Science has a well-structured faculty team consisting of “double qualified teachers” with rich teaching and scientific research experience. The department has good training and experimental facilities. Relying on geographical advantages and the advantages of Hong Kong's educational resources, we deepen school-enterprise, school-school and school-government cooperation and jointly established the "Sichuan-HongKong Social Sports Development Center" with colleges and enterprises in both Sichuan and Hong Kong. Social Sports Major has set up a project as the second batch of "modern apprenticeship pilots" in Sichuan Province. There also exist a college-level project about Productive Training Base of Fitness Guidance and Management, Sichuan Taekwondo Technical Training Base and Chengdu Sports Institute Education and Teaching Practice Base.

On campus, our college has set up a multi-functional gymnasium, aerobic training bicycle classroom, private training hall, comprehensive equipment gym, eight standard swimming pools, tennis courts, comprehensive gymnasium, etc.; simulated nurse station, functional training room, shape training room, foundation nursing training room, simulated ward, health assessment and other training rooms. Off campus, combining with Sichuan Second Hospital, Chengdu Seventh People's Hospital and Chengdu Oxygen Fitness Sports Co., Ltd., etc, we have set up more than 30 training, internship and employment bases, Foreign-related nursing projects are introduced and overseas internship employment are provided in our college. In cooperation with Chengdu Sports Institute, Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu University, Southwest Medical University and other institutions, students can obtain undergraduate qualification (degree) through self-study undergraduate examination or cross-school undergraduate study. Department of Health Science is committed to excellent talent cultivation adhering to the policy of “differentiation of specialty construction, branding of talent cultivation and internationalization of development direction”.

Department of Art Design

Department of Art Design trains high-quality technical and skilled talents for the development of art design, animation production, decoration and gardening in Sichuan and Southwest China. There are 5 majors including Building Interior Design, Animation Production Technology, Environmental Art Design, Architectural Decoration Engineering Technology, Advertising Design and Production, and there more than 1,100 students in the school.

Institute of Continuing Education

The institute of Continuing Education consists of four functional departments, namely Self-taught Examination Service Center, Vocational Qualification Training Center, Five-year Continuum System Department, and Network Education Department.

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